Problem with the back of a Mac mini

I’m doing the back of a Mac mini and I find this problem.
It is impossible for me to model this part because of the amount of detail that has to be added, I always break the mesh making it impossible to be smooth.

Is there a way?

Of course it’s possible…just have to think of how and where to place your edge loops to compensate for the different openings.

This might give you an idea:

model of apple mac mini (older)

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Thanks for the help, it will be very useful to me.

This might get you started:

I’ve already seen that tutorial, but it doesn’t convince me much. Thank you.
Here my progress going slowly and carefully.

Finally i made it. Thanks.


well, it’s too late now, but you should really look into the shrinkwrap modifier. It’s the easiest/best way to cut openings into a surface. In this case you could model the shape of the mac mini as a “shrinkwrap target”, cut all the holes in another mesh, and then just “shrinkwrap” it to the target.

See: for examples and more info. It’ll save you hours of frustration and tweaking.