Problem with the camera looking through walls

This isn’t a problem with a camera staying a certain distance away from an actor that makes it so some walls that are in the way are seen through. The problem is that the camera looks through faces that are to close even though the object doesn’t come inside the camera object.

(this is a localized view of the problem, not the entire view)

An example of a close third person view:

I don’t know what is causing this problem so I don’t know what information to include but it seems to be a problem that comes from adding logic to the camera (like switching between 1st and 3rd person views). Also in another file one camera veiws fog while the other one dosn’t, the camera that doesn’t view the fog also has the problem of looking through things.

Thank you for any help.

From your description I think it is a problem with the camera clipping clipping.
Solution: Set the clipping start to 0.00 in the camera settings.