Problem with the camera

Hello again,

I got another problem with the camera. When I press F12 the camera turns black. I dont know how to solve this problem. I added some light but it wont work. What did i wrong? If you need a picture of the problem feel free to ask.

Thanks for the help!


If you can post a blend file It would help alot. Are you using nodes? This happens to me when the output is not correct.


Thanks for the help. Its mine first building model so it may look bad. (=

Your download site sucks, it is just ads. Why not attach the BLEND file to the post? Click Go Advanced and Manage Attachments. Or use www.pasteall,org

@Atom: I agree, very annoying site :mad:. There’s a tiny little link to brontes’s file hidden at the very bottom.

@brontes: I’m still trying to figure out what’s going on with your file. I cleaned up some unused uv textures and vertex colors, that didn’t help. I’m trying to understand your materials, right now suspect it’s related to transparency somehow. If I may say so, the file is a mess!

The problem was with your light. Not sure what went wrong with it. I deleted the light and added a new one. Attached is the updated .blend

What the other forum members meant when they said your file is screwed up is that you have a lot of doubled vertices and a lot of overlapping geometry.

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Home.blend (923 KB)

Hmm, i still got the same problem when I use the update blend?

Same here, 2.53 r30581. I replaced the light again and it didn’t seem to change anything.

Edit: As loopduplicate said, a lot of the problem seems to be in the modeling/topology. For example the face normals are pointing in random directions. Sometimes this happens when you do a lot of scaling and extruding of vertices from a plane. Some of that can be corrected by removing doubles, then using Ctrl-A in object mode to ‘Apply Scale.’ However you might be better off starting over with this model, now that you have the practice after being through it once.