Problem with the character model when sitting with Crossed Legs

I have a problem with the character’s legs, which they like “twisting unnaturally/inside at the top”, especially at the top of the thighs, when the character is sitting with Crossed Legs pose. I set up the Thigh Twist Bones but haven’t applied any weight painting for the meshes to these twist bones yet.
Anyone can tell me what’s wrong there? Don’t mind the other things, still working on their proper weight paint.

The answer is here. Twist bones are here for making the counter rotation and preserve gradually the shape…

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Still having problem with those Twist Bones, despite adding the Weight Paint to them.
They still twist inside. Do I need to remove some of the Weight Paint from the Thigh bones or something?

You’ll need something like Locked Track constraint to create this counter rotation. Or, at the worst case, animate and keyframe twist bones manually