Problem with the fluidsim


I have a problem with the fluidsim. I know how to use it. For example I create a cube set as domain and a another mesh inside of it set as fluid. And then I hit the bake button. But whit my computer nothing append, I can’t see any previz or when I render a frame I can’t see any fluids.
I tested with many cvs version, and also whit the alpha release and it don’t work.

Thank for your help


I’m running the Blender 2.40 alpha1 version on a pentium 4, under Windows XP, and I’m currently checking the fluid simulator.

It works, but I have some problems too.

I will make my own post to let people answer your’s.

I will try to explain the settings:

I use a mesh (a cube or a sphere, no matter) as liquid source.

If you set it as liquid, it will only fall like a drop. So if you want to pour some liquid continuously, select Inflow.

Make a container for the simulation by selecting Domain (a deformed cube). Only the bound box will be used.

Now, you can add a object set as Obstacle.

You can also set a directory and a file prefix name for the generated files.

Then select the Domain object and click on BAKE button. It should launch a simulation (a progressing colored bar is displayed in the top right corner of the screen).


Merci pour ta réponse Philippe

Thanks for your reply

I did everything like you said, but my problem is that when I hit the BAKE button I see the progressing colored bar displayed in the top right corner of the screen with the text “baking fluids 1/50” but nothing happend. The simulation doesn’t lauch.


The simulation may take a long time.

It depends of the computer’s power and the resolution settings.

You should wait until it displays 50/50 and the cursor becomes normal…

On My P4-2GHz, 1.5GB ram, it takes about 10 mins for 50 frames…

Well if it takes half an hour for 50 frames, there is a problem, but I’d try an other time If I were you…


Encore merci pour ta réponse philippe

So in fact I think that my Blender only bake the fluidsim for the frame 1. In the top right corner I see only Baking fluidsim 1/50 (no 2/50 and 3/50 …).
How can I make Blender perform the baking for the rest of the frames ?

mrfranz: What are your computer specs? Are you using the 2.4 Alpha release from ? Also, what do you have the Resolution of your liquid set at? Try setting the Resolution down to 25 and see if it bakes then. Hope this helps.


Thanks for your help DwarvenFury

So my pc is a AMD Athlon 4000+ and 1giga RAM running on win xp and yes I use the alpha version of the Setting the resolution to 25 didn’t do anything.
This is so weird. Is it a bug ? I tried also on another computer and it didn’t work.

Just out of curiosity, how many files were there in the .zip file that you downloaded? If it didn’t have a .blender folder, then I think you need to re-download it. When I first downloaded the Alpha, it didn’t have all the files and the fluid-simulator would not work. After I re-downloaded, I got a .zip file that has a .blender folder, and now it works. Hope this helps.:smiley:


Yes in the zip I downloaded there was a lot of files and the .blender folder. I just redownloaded it , but it the same thing. It doesn’t work.

Okay, I have another idea.:smiley: What folder are you telling the fluid-simulator to put the files in when you hit the Bake button? Is it the .blender folder that came with the 2.4 Alpha? If not, try using that folder and see if it works, then.


Thanks a lot for your help
I tried to use the .blend folder but it doesn’t works.

How many files .cfg does the fluidsim create for a animation? Is it one per frame ? I have a 50 frames animation and it create only one.

Please post your blend file.

How long do you wait before you’ve determined that the simulation has failed?


for my own, I have posted question sin an other topic, because I have also some problems(different) with the fluid simulator.

I have also noticed that the Wind effect doesn’t work in Softbodies…

Do you think that a full 2.4 python install is necessary for these features?

May it be the solution?


In fact I think the fluidsim just bake the simulation for the first frame. When I hit the bake button , blender freeze during only 5 second.
Here is the .blend I use.

I have checked you file… It works on my computer, and Python 2.4 is not installed… Win XP home edition.


I don’t understand what is happening on my pc? :frowning:

Philippe : Can you tell me how many .cfg files did the fluidsim created?

I’m not Philippe, but you should have 2 cfg files per frame.

Thanks Fweeb for your answer

I have a 50frames animation, and the fluidsim only create 2cfg. So the fluidsim only bake one frame. :frowning:
How can I make blender to bake the other frames . :expressionless:

lol I really don’t understand what happening on my pc. I tried to open my .blend from a usb flash drive and I launched the fluidsim baking and it worked. Is there a problem with my hard drive or maybe is some kind of "virus " protection ? :frowning:

How much free space do you have? do you have write permision to the drive. Do you have a “space” quota. Is it a network drive?

Ok enough with the questions. You should check to see where the files being writin to and make sure theres plenty of room. It can take up quite a bit of space for high res simulations.

either it sounds like it can’t write the files it wants to and then dies.