Problem with the interface both in linux and windows

I got a new laptop with vista home premium already installed, graphic card info is
Chip type: Mobile Intel® 965 Express Chipset Family
DAC type: Internal
Adapter String: Mobile Intel® GMA X3100
Bios Information: Intel Video BIOS
Driver info:
Driver Date: 20/08/2007
Driver version:

I downloaded Blender 2.47 and installed it and run it and i knew that there is a problem right away, it took about 15 sec to open ( I used to wait no time to open blender before ) and i didn’t saw the splash screen after blender starts, and every menu leaves black area after i close it and the render gives me black window until i move the render window across the screen. That was in win vista.

In Ubuntu Linux i installed Blender 2.47 with the visual effects enabled ( compiz fusion ), every window appers without borders and the render window appears just for a second and disappears ( i guess it work in the back ) and when i close blender it appers like i didnt closed anything and i just see blender interface and the borders of any folder opens in the back and it take me about 5-6 clikcs arround the screen to get the intere desktop screen.
Now i tried to disable compiz fusion, the borders are back but if renderd even the defualt cube and dragged the render window then it will leave a 6 or 7 traces of the boarder of that window.

What is the problem here? Please help me.

Open Gl problems from the sound of it try updating your drivers

How can i do that ( for linux and windows )?
Thanks for reply


Try this: