Problem with the Knife Tool

Hello I have a problem with the knife tool. After a dozen cuts I made with the knife tool in my model, it has started to refuse work. It refuses to cut the last face in the cut line. I made a screenshot:

Any ideas? Hope someone can help me.

Sincerely Kazalla


Ensure vertices are part of the same face so you are cutting a face

Delete all the crap that we’re not interested in apart from the suspect areas, save as blend file and supply a link to download

Hi, I see you merged my two threads, about the second picture: I think I figured out a solution, I removed the non fitting faces, selected both circular edges hit Ctrl+F and then used the Fill option. The new Faces are now filled with triangle shaped instead of trapezoid ones but I think it is OK.

About the first one: I changed the design because I have not found a solution for that problem, maybe I made too many mistakes in that model (Boolean modifier also stopped to work a day ago and refuses to execute cuts :slight_smile: ), since it is the first 3D model I ever created I can live with that.

Thanks anyway for looking into it.

Sincerely Kazalla