Problem with the SHAPE function in Blender 2.40 alpha 2.


Some of you know that I like very much AVK and RVK, and I have been happy to find the SHAPE function in Blender 2.40 Alpha 1, which is more handy, but I have discovered a problem in the Alpha 2 version:

When I load a model animated by AVK, (model previously made with 2.37a, or model created in 2.40 Alpha 1 or in Alpha 2 as well), when I want to play the animation, nothing happens.

Each key is present and can be selected one by one, and makes the model deform normally, but the keys are not interpolated for the animation.

In 2.40 Alpha 1, I select the basis key, and disable relative, and the animation runs normally accordingly to the Ipo curve drawn for the basis Key.

Did you notice this behaviour?


I can’t get absolute shapes to work either :frowning: Keys are there and and ipo going from zero to one but no animation.


Thanks Greybeard!

It is very annoying… I use absolute keys for quite every purpose…

Standalone characters animation, realistic smoke effects…

I hope that this will be fixed in 2.40 stable!

I haven’t read anything about that… Maybe we should report the bug.



Well, I have reported a bug, and just after, I discovered that It had been already reported and fixed!

So It should be OK in the stable release.