Problem with the "With Automatic Weights" option in Blender 2.71

I very rarely ask for help people on forum, but I get a annoying problem with rigging. I have a mesh and a rig.

When I try to use Ctr + P and choose “With Automatic Weights”, I get strange mesh deformation.

When I delete vertex group, all come back to a normal state, so it’s problem with vertex group. But I can’t parent mesh and rig. Earlier, I did not have problems with this model and armature.

Please tell me what’s going on.

I have this same problem. I have no idea how to fix it as well

I fixed that. I just made another rig for the character.

Regarding that situation, I could somewhat fix it with weight painting, but the problem that the bones and the mesh aren’t together in one place has been unsolved. Probably the problem is with Transform, but I tried to reset it and nothing has worked.