Problem With themes and Python

I have downloaded some python themes on some blender sites and put them in my scripts folder. But when I go to the scripts part of blender, I see all my other scripts fine, and they work properly, but I don’t see my themes anywhere. How in the world do you get themes to work?? Thanks in advance!

I second the question. Do I hear an answer? :cool:
I’m sort of glad to see that I’m not the only person with this problem.

locate and open the theme with the Blender text editor and run it with alt-p. If the header is correct the themes should show up in the menu after you restart. Its not hard to edit a header of a python file to get it to show in a menu, give it a try.

You can run them in the Text Editor with Alt-P.

BUT… If you want to do it the other way and put it in .blender\scripts it must have a !BPY header to be ‘seen’ (the code at the top of the script that shows the name, section and tooltip). If that’s all there you goto the “Scripts” entry on the header of the scripts window and choose “Update Scripts”, then it should show.


I am just getting errors when I push Alt-P!

We might be able to help if you paste the errors.


I pres Alt + P but I don’t see it in the scripts window but when I go the the preferences it just has a lot of defaults and they are all the same thing. What wrong here???

Edit: O.K. I got the theme I don’t want working. But the theme that I want isn’t working.

I edited my first post to make it more clearer.


Ok I got them working last night! Finally! I did use the Alt+P in the text editor and it worked with every theme but one (which is ok, it didn’t look that great anyway) Thanks for all the help guys!