problem with too many verts in a quad


as you see here, there are two cubes, one has a solution to the problem, and one shows the problem.

now in my case, i have a simular problem as the cube to the left. i have a cube, witch has too many verts. i would like to keep it at 4, so i get a 100% quad model.

the cube on the right shows one solution to the problem, however i do really not want to use that method if its posible to avoid.

another thing is that i do NOT want to add too many extra verts to fix the problem.

this is the actual problem. its a space ship, and one of the engens.

as you can see on the right, it buggs the hell out if i move some verts to a spesific angle, and even if i prevent the massive bug, i will still have that big 10 poly square, witch will bother me for as long as i will work with the model.

One way.

but then again i still end up with a square that has too many verts. just look at the lowest square on the “frame” of what you just suggested.

i have, but i want it all to be connected.

The loops go all the way around.

then again i said i dont want to use too many verts. this ads many edges on the top that is not nessasary :confused:

Well, you can’t have your cake and eat it, too.
So, either you live with the n-gons or bite the bullet to add additional edge loops - and Photox’s solution is clean and straightforward.

well it is a low poly model. and making the edges all around is what i had in the first place, but i really want to reduce the amount of verts. i have 718 right now with a mirror modefier, and i want to get it down to 500-600 :confused: and if i use that solution i end up with about 104 extra verts. mirror that and you get 208.

Topology advocates, please pretend you didn’t see this:

If you’re so bent on having quads, that’s what you can do. However, seeing as you’re not concerned with flow on that particular piece, and it being flat-plane-hard-surface-hidden-away-where-no-one-will-ever-look, you could just keep your triangles. Nobody would eat you for it. Probably.

i see what you mean. but it is an area that will draw attention, and using triangles did make the lighting look strange.

this is actually a really good suggestion, thank you a lot!

actually the metod you showed me helped me to find a way to make the wing engien look really good on the front, AND back, pluss i use HALF the verts :slight_smile: thank you again ! :smiley:

are you going to show us what you did then ??
in case someone else has the same problem one day

look at the images… the whole problem was i wanted to make it 100% quad witout making edges all around the cube or merging into a single vertex.