Problem with Triangulation for Subsurf

Sorry if this is a basic mistake on my part. Anyway, after working with low polygon models in 3d Studio Max, I had gotten used to using heavy triangulation in my meshes, to save polygons whenever possible. As such, it has seeped its way into my modelling on the whole. However, whenever I use triangles in a mesh in Blender, and then use the SubSurf modifier, the triangulated areas tend to look pinched. Is this a basic issue with Blender, or is there some way to work around it? Appreciate any help on this, and thanks in advance. - All Quads except where you have to have a Tri
Generally, modellers try to avoid tris because of how it causes problem with subdivisioning as you’ve encountered. If it can’t be helped, you should try to place it somewhere not very obvious. It isn’t really a problem, it’s just how subdiv works. More info can be found on the site.

I use to work or from a cube or from a face, then when i arrive at some point where i want to add details i try to use only extrude, and if i need to be very perfectionnist and to optimize thing I follow this kind of flow.(cf picture). the trouble with extruding is that you must let a face between to extruded face if you dont you got a 8 branch star that can cause crease.

i am having the same problem, im trying to model a car, but the wheel hubs are causing trouble, is there anything i could do to fix these?