Problem with "Use Self" and drivers


I would like to use an “Use Self” expression so I can copy the drivers to many objects.

When I want to drive something like the rotation, it works but with Kinematic (Rigid Body) no.

2 screenshots :

Why in the Kinematic case, I have a point near the name of the object “Cube” so it’s not the “Object” Cube and Blender can’t have the Y location ?

How can I do to acheive what I want please ?

It’s frustrating cause it could be so simple :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. Do you think Animation Nodes can be the solution ?

Well, I answer myself, I did mostly what I want with Animation Nodes. I have not understood all what I did (inspired from tutorials) but it’s the next step to have better control :).

a little late to the party, but i was just in the same situation for a rigging issue, and found the “proper” solution with self expression, to access the parent of a driver (a driver in modifier, for example, would have its parent an object parent) you can use self.id_data to access the parent datas.
In my case it allows me to access the object custom props.
I bet it would work in your use case also