Problem with UV editing

Hello, friends, I am new to UV editing. I making WWII german helmet (the leather). Before texturing I have to mark seam after, after I try I have a dark blue wich mean is good but after that, I found an orange on the green line in the image and I don’t know how to fix the colour stretch to dark blue like the red line in the image? Can you please help me to solve the problem :pray:

To UV unwrap the green piece, I’d recommend making a seam around its edge, plus seams around the edges of the holes.

Honestly though, for something like that I’d just skip UV unwrapping and use object coordinates, box mapping, and blending, kinda like this.

Although, if it’s a deforming rigged mesh, then this wouldn’t work. I believe you’d have to UV unwrap for a deforming mesh to avoid the texture from moving around like this.

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I addition to what @BlenderSplendor said you might also want to clear the existing seams and redo them. You seem to have marked seams by making loop selections in Face mode, which has resulted in a multitude of unnecessary seams and single polygon UV islands. Make loop selections in Vertex or, preferably, Edge mode.


I follow your instruction and adding seams on the backside on the second image, but the colour is light green its so close to blue colour. What should i do next?

Ok, i will try later and copy the file

I wouldn’t get too caught up in analysing the stretch colours. Instead apply a temporary UV squares texture and see if it looks OK. The good thing about leather is that it does actually stretch a little.

You have separated out the holes which helps but you’ll also need to add one vertical UV seam inside each hole to let those polygons unwrap properly.


@JohnMalcolm1970 I followed your instructions with loop selections in Vertex mode and adding vertical seams, but the results are yellow. how do i fix it?

Good news it really work with vertex or edge mode from @JohnMalcolm1970 and the recommend from @BlenderSplendor but some of them are yellow but that’s ok, thank you very much for helping me :+1:

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A pole is a vertex connected to more than 4 edges. I’ve highlighted two in your topology.

Poles can cause UV stretching, so you can either make another seam (as pictured below) or do some retopo.

Also, the hole area is going to be pretty hard to unwrap properly, so you might want to do a quad retopology and just add holes with a non-destructive boolean modifier for optimal UVs.

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@BlenderSplendor Ok i will try it later👍

@BlenderSplendor @JohnMalcolm1970 I am not very good at topology, but I want to tell to you is this a topology? I’m learning how to make it

I agree. I’d remake it with better topology. This example isn’t ideal and has a fair amount of triangles, but it unwraps well. I just made one section and then used an Array and two Simple Deform modifiers to bend it into shape followed by Solidify and a Subdivision Surface modifier

I didn’t get the shape exactly right, but then again, I’m not trying to model a Stalhelm

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