Problem with uv-editing


At first: Sorry, for my bad English! I’m from germany.

I have a small problem. It’s really small. I need a shortkey at the UV-Editing Window. I want to move a single thing (I have no idea, what the right name is).
When i select it with “L” and i try to move it, then it gets distorted.

I use blender v 2.79.

Maybe someone can help me , please?

Not without seeing what “it” is. Ctrl+F3 to save screenshot in Blender itself which helps to explain, and upload an example .blend of the problem

Oh, sorry! It was my first post in an english forum.
I try it again!
I try to make a uv-map of a mushroom tree. I make the uv-map and want to move its grid in the uv-editing
Here is a screenshot, of my problem:

I select the single grid with “L”

When i try to move it, then it gets distorted.

Here is my .blend file:
Hilfe.blend (2.91 MB)

I hope everything is right now?

Selected with L key so UV island it was.

Yes. It’s the less obvious parts that the support files are needed for.

Thank you!
The tip, with the “UV-Island” really helped me! I found a solution: after selecting the uv_island, i have to press “G” to move!

Thank you for your help!

From your part, yes, explains much more. Moderation delay and forum being down were other issues, and that your post appears in between later posts, without showing there’s a new post, so it’s harder to notice an update

I couldn’t replicate the issue the way you said it, selecting the whole UV island with select linked (L) and moving it. The only way I can replicate the issue is by selecting less than that and then moving, and it distorts because proportional editing is on

Proportional editing controls are on the header. I also noticed that live unwrap was on, which is used with pinned vertices and moving those would distort an UV island