Problem with UV faces

Hello everybody. I’m trying to skin a super low poly model for a game I’m making and for some reason I seem to be missing faces in “UV Face Select” mode. It seems fine in edit mode (looks like this) but then the holes pop up in uv face select mode (looks like this). Then when I try to do an LSCM UV Calculation it ends up completely messed up which I’m assuming has something to do with these holes since I’ve done this before with no problems.

Any ideas?


Try flipping the normals on those faces (in edit mode). A quick way to do it is to hit ctrl-N, recalculate normals outside, which will often catch all the flipped normals on such a lowpoly model.


ta da! it worked. You rock. Thanks Scotths

Cool. It’ll be great to see how it comes out textured. What game engine are you going to be using? Just curious – I love to know how other low poly modelers work.


I was originally just making my own engine with DirectX, but I eventually decided that although it was doable, if I actually wanted to finish this century I would need to use an engine. I am now using TrueVision3D. It has a very intuitive api and has been working well for me thus far.