Problem with UV image editor

Hello again,

Here I am again. I have a strange problem, I guess it is fairly simple to solve, but I just can’t find the right answer.

I want to texture a simple eyelid. After I unwrapped it, I wanted to select a couple of vertices in the UV editor. But nothing worked. I can’t do a BorderSelect, or a normal select for that matter. The only thing I saw was that when I pushed the RMB, the “set VertCol” was changed, to the color that I’m pointing at that time. I guess it is a simple setting or something, but I can’t find it :expressionless:

Can anybody help me out?

Thanks in advance

this also happens to me. i cant right click select any vertices in the uv/image editor but it can be selected when you access border select via the menu (Select --> Border Select), the keys aren’t functioning, commands only work via the menu.

any fixes for this? :expressionless: