problem with uv-map at render, but not in potato mode


The bark for my tree is uv-mapped, and displays fine in the 3d window in potato mode. However, when I render, some of the faces don’t render correctly. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks,

Here is the 3d view displaying the uv-map correctly:

and here is the render displaying the uv-map incorrectly:

Actually, the UV map is not correct at all. If you look closely at the portion on the bottom in potatoe mode, it is stretched and not as uniform as the rest of the unwrap.

Thus, you get the bad results in the render.

Fix that area and all should be fine. If not, post the blend file and we can have a look at it.


Sometimes, you get the urge to kick yourself…

Apparently, I accidentally duplicated the mesh at some point in time after UV-Mapping it. Because the two directly overlapped, it makes since that it wasn’t noticeable in the 3d window but showed in the render. Thanks for the help,