Problem with UV Mapped Textures

The problem I am having is that the UV Faces mode and Object mode are displaying my texture differently. In UV Faces mode the texture displays correctly as I would expect. In Object mode it has 2 stretched areas at either end of the model which do not match my UV map. Unfortunalety this extends to the final render as well. Does anyone have any ideas how to stop this/fix this/what I am doing wrong? or is this a bug in 2.40?

My guess that the stretching is due to the subsurfacing – blender doesn’t take subsurfacing into account when unwrapping. Convert your subsurf to a real mesh (apply the subsurf and remap). I currently know of no other solution but others may know better.


Yeah, it’s better without sub-surfs on. If you have it on you can’t get an accurate seam, anyway. If you don’t mind working in higher poly counts just sub-surf it and then apply the modifier.

Woops, I just said what you said GreyBeard. %|

What’s the resolution of the texture?

i realy hope thet they fill let the subsurf patch flow into the cvs soon so you can use UV with it. i only model with subsurf because of the edges i need.