problem with UV mapping

Ok, heres the problem, i have a scene with a jogger in it, and i want to add a image to his vest, so i get the wire on the uv image editor, do my LSCM unwrap, export the wire to .tga image, create the texture save it, got to put it on vest and blender freezes :o .
so i suspect its the image type, so i open GIMP and change the image to jpeg and when i try to again put it on the vest blender freezes again :o

is it something i’m doing wrong, or whats happening to make blender freeze ?

plz help

p.s i have tried the same image on another scene and it works fine

if it’s a really big image it may take a while to load.

also I think blender only works with bw/rgb/rgba images… I don’t think you can load cmyk.

It may help not to load the uv image in textured view mode.

the image is only 23kb and its only got 4 colours, red, white, light blue and tiny bits of black

ok sorry to be such an absolute idiot, but the image is starting to work now, maby it found out that i posted on elysiun about it, and it got scared :<

again im very sorry for any time i took up for anyone.

i feel so stupid :expressionless: