Problem with UV unwrapping after scaling in Object mode

When I select an object and scale it along X-axis in “Edit” mode and then unwrap it, the UV mapping changes as per the new area weights.

However, if I do the scaling in “Object” mode and then unwrap it, the UV mapping doesn’t change.

This seems very weird to me. I’m guessing that any editing done in Object mode remains in Object mode only and doesn’t percolate to Edit mode. Is there anyway to keep the two modes in sync? Obviously scaling in Object mode is bound to affect the surface areas of all the faces. Is this by design?

Here’re some images to explain better:

Scale in Edit mode and unwrap:

Scale in Object mode:

UV after editing in Block mode and unwrap:

If you scale in object mode use Ctrl+A to reset the axis scales back to 1 before you unwrap. If each axis gas a different scale value you will get a poor unwrap. Press N to show the properties panel which includes the objects scale values.

Thanks so much! Just got the same answer from the Lux forum as well. Apologies, but it’s been driving me nuts for the past 2 days. Thanks for the properties panel tip as well. :slight_smile: