problem with uv unwrapping in blender 2.6

Hello i seem to be a little stuck on some strange uv unwrapping problem in blender 2.6
as you can see in the picture below the faces go all strange on the uv map, has anyone experienced this before and might anyone know a solution for this it is strange because it only seems to do this for some parts and not others while the all the parts look similar:

i really need help with this

thanks anyway


Most likely not blender, its your poor unwrapping.
General things to bare in mind
1 Reset all object scales to 1 (Ctrl+S)
2 Remove doubles (W / remove doubles)
3 Recalculate face normals (Ctrl+N)
4 Check location of your seams and any missed edges
5 Check location of your seams again
6 Try Conformal UV unwrap vs default Angle Based to see if any improvement

Actually there are no double vertices and the normals are fine and seams are fine also and i unwrapped it conformally with the first unwrap option you have when the open the uv unwrap options window.
to illustrate my problem more here is another screen:

as you can see the a part of the neck and thigh has been unwrapped, the neck came out right as the little strand in the upper part and the thigh part has been unwrapped all over the screen, while both parts of the mesh has a similar structure.

any advice would really be appriciated otherwise i am kind of stuck, and this dragon needs to come alive i tell you AALLIVVEEE.


might be a topography issue, i think the unwrapping works best with even density and only cuads or only tris but not mixed, as i can see you have triangles in it that may be very stretched, this may cause the wrong unwrapping and later you may get problems with pinching if you try to rig and animate it. Also as I can see you have the Subdivison result activated in editmode, did you model you Dragon that way? If yes than you may want to deactivate Subdivision and see if you have any intersecting meshes, I don’t know if intersected meshes caused this but it’s always good to have a clean mesh.

Can you post a image of the side of this mesh with out subdivision, that may say more than a front view.

hello, yes here it is the strange thing is that the the both parts have triangles in the uv unwrapping so i do not think that is it, i am gonna have to study the vertices properly.

Hmm, I still cant see the side of the problematic part to well, try to zoom all in till the problematic part occupies more less the screen and rotate the view a bit to see the part of the tris better.

What you can also try is to add more seams at the corresponding part of the image:

ok here is a better zoom

Well I would say that the other part that you unwrapped had a bit more geometry and somehow the unwrapping had less problems with it. Try to add more seams like in this image and like the image before:

a yes that made things better, as you can see in the screen below

thanks a lot for all your help.

no problem