problem with video sequence editor in blender 2,5

hey um while working in a project i was doing with close to approxmately 4 scenes so I added them to vse and i’m new o the vse bcoz i mostly make 1 scene animations and have been using blender for only 6 months

ok back to the topic so i added the scenes my intro and the other scene to vse in blender 2.53 and rendered it but scene 2 did not appear in the animation

but it worked in blender 2.52 but it kept on crashing for some reason and 2.49b

can please someone help me to solve this problem

Yea I have the same problem. Can’t seem to get any info on why.
Just adding an image or video works fine in 2.49.
I’ve tried several versions of 2.53, up to r31422. No luck.
Can’t even see an image of any type. Major bug.

I’ve had real hassle too adding one scene into another, (generally when I add the output from a comp nodes setup into another scene), with recent 2.5 svn builds right up to current ones, doing the same project in 2.49b is far faster and smoother. Not sure whether it’s a failure in 2.5 to finish rendering the comp completely, slowness to render it or what.

I’ve found it does sort of work in recent builds, but there’s so much back and forth between scenes, or saving and reloading the blend, to try and get it to work that I’ve given up on it, the way scene switching works drives me nuts anyway. Choose a scene, in one box, choose the workspace in the other and it throws you back into the other scene. Argh! :slight_smile:

I have seen this noted as a bug in recent commits, so I thought that it was addressed already. I have had sucess with copying a strip (or part of a strip) from one scene’s VSE to another. That is in recent builds.

Try adding a VSE sequence to the source scene, then copy the bit of the strip you want over to the master scene.

actually i found the prob sorry for not posting but mine was a compositor prob