Problem with Voodoo and Blender...

I’m new to Voodoo, but not new to Blender, and here is my problem.

I have a video I shot that is 405 frames long.

I track it in Voodoo, and it seems to be doing its job correctly, but when I import the file into Blender, the points created in Voodoo are splattered all over the place without any perceptible pattern, and when the animation is played, the camera jumps all over the place, jumping, twisting and turning…jumping around like a Mexican jumping bean.

If I break that same shot down into shorter lengths, for example 135 frames, and without changing any other parameters, I import those results into Blender, then it seems to work just fine.

I’ve seen many examples of much longer shots that I am attemping in tutorials and on youtube.

Any possible ideas??

One thing I just thought of as I was typing this is perhaps incompatibility with the version of Blender that I am using…2.49?

Thank you for your help!

My tracking was all messed up in Blender as well… But only when selected free move, not on a tripod, so I just gave up on free move. Now I read your post and split me movie too… and hey it worked! Thanks to you, I really hope someone who knows something comes by and has a solution.

PS: Strangely in the Voodoo help it says that you shouldn’t exceed maximal 400 frames:eyebrowlift2:

I had not seen that. thanks.

I have succesfully worked with 100 and 135 frames, and unsuccesfully with 405 and 510, so that may explain it.

I will try 399 frames and see what happens.

Just finished one of 325 frames and it worked okay…so I’m guessing keeping it under 400 solves my problem.

Thanks for the help!

No problem, here a link to the manual
Look at the 3rd bullet point^^
Glad it worked out =)

I think you have stumbled on the magic answer. You are able to select the frames you want to process in Voodoo. Has anyone tried ex: frames 001 - 300 export scriptA then do 301 - 600 export scriptB import both into Blender to see if they will work back to back? Looks like I will have to give this a try.