Problem with Voodoo Motion tracking

I have voodoo and I imported a sequence that was like 865 frames, and when I hit track it stops after 50 or 60 and I get the Windows substitution for the blue screen of death ‘Error Message’ and it all shuts down. I don’t know why this is happening but I can never render more than 40 frames with any video. Got any suggestions?

how much ram do you have? and what blender version?

What has this got to do with his blender version?
BTW I can’t help you but why use voodoo over Icarus?

I have Icarus, but I can’t import my AVI movies into it because I have version 2.07 and need 2.09. Now if anyone has 2.09 I would be much obliged if that person was kind enough to coughsend me a copycough e-mail me as to where they got it. And no I never pirate programs.

I use 2.07 and have that problem. Just import an image string and it works fine (Yes it is a hassle but you get a MUCH better quality track than in voodoo.)

You might want to check that your ram is stable… try

Good luck…