Problem with Wacom Tablet & 2.83.1

When I’m using 2.83.1 with a Wacom tablet connected to my system it runs, as I can best describe as, clunky. Actions are delayed and jerky. This is especially noticable when I’m using the Grease Pencil. With the Tablet disconnected everything runs smoothly. I have no trouble when using the tablet with GIMP or other simple drawing programs. I’m guessing ( and hoping ) that the problem is caused by lack of RAM. I have 8GB. My complete setup is;- Linux Mint 20 64-bit, CPU Intel i7 - 8700, GPU Nividia Geforce RTX 2060, RAM 8GB, Wacom tablet Cintiq 12WX model DTZ-1200W manufactured 2012. If anyone can help, Thanks in advance

Do you have the following packages installed?

Hi YAFU, Yes all the packages are installed

What do you get from the terminal with the following command?
xsetwacom --list devices

You mention 2.83.1. Does the problem only occur with this version?

Results of xsetwacom.
Wacom Cintiq 12WX Pad pad id: 9 type Pad
Wacom Cintiq 12WX Pen stylus id: 10 type Stylus
Wacom Cintiq 12 WX Pen erazer id: 16 type Erazer.
I’m only having problems with the 2.8 series. 2.79 seems to be OK

Why do you suspect the problem could be related to RAM? Does the problem not occur with non-complex works/scenes in Blender 2.8? Have you monitored RAM usage while the problem occurs?

Anyway, if the graphics tablet works fine in 2.7x, I think you should report the problem on and comment there about it.

The requirements for 2.8 are 4 GB min, 16 GB ideal. I’m assuming that these are for a single monitor system. I’ve tried to monitor RAM usage and it doesn’t appear to be abnormally high. I’ll take your advice and report it to the developers. Thanks for your help