Problem with weight painting: X-Mirror Axis


I’m sort of new to animating and weight painting, but I have done , so I know something about it though.

Well, I have made a Character(his name is Gimbo:D) that I’m planning to use in a game. I have used the mirror modyfier on him, so he is symetrical, and his armature is symetrical. But when i try to weght paint his UpperArm.l, with the x-axis mirror turned on, and all faces, vertex dist, and Vertex groups turned off, both of his upper arms gets paited, for his left bone! when i did the tutorial I made it! I have tried everything nothing works!

If anybody out there knows what I am doing wrong, please help me!

it may be a bug, happened to me once or twice, just create a vertgroup which has the right names beforehand and then start painting. That might solve the issue. If it doesn’t, just don’t use mirrorx and mirror everything afterwards using the mirror weigth script.
When you finetune the weighting in editmode (to check the exact number of verts assigned for instance), these results don’t get mirrored with xmirror enabled, so I just weight one side, then mirror i to the other side anyway.

Until you apply the Mirror Modifier, the mirrored part is just an instance of the real Mesh, and so it must show exactly what happens on the Mesh side of X. If you have applied it ignore me.


Ingnoring you…:smiley:

But FreakyDude, what’s that Wght Paint Mirror Script you are talking about? I realy knows nothing of scripting…

it’s in the mesh options on the header. mesh>scripts>mirror vertex locations and weights.

Ok, Thanks!:smiley: