Problem with weird light streaking at certain camera angles

Hi guys,

I modeled a basic tree that I duplicated for a scene and up close everything looks good. For some reason at farther distances (and some camera angles more than others) I get a weird streaking of light/shadow happening. I don’t have any light specifically pointing on the trees but I do have a sun in the middle of the scene. I can’t figure out why in one shot the trees will look all streaked with light but then if I move the camera in close the same trees will look fine. Here are two pics that illustrate this:

Any ideas? I just pulled an all nighter trying to finish this project so maybe I am overlooking something obvious but I tried changing every setting I could think of. Help would be much appreciated!

sorry but don’t really see any super bright spots in pic !
onl;y a little brighter right under the shpere of leaves

or you have other pic showing better this effect ?

this might happen depends on the angle between the camera and the light source ?

so may be should try reduce the mirror effect or the spec value in F5

that might help!

hope it helps

In edit mode select your mesh and press CTRL+N to rearrange your normals, I suspect that will fix your problem :slight_smile:

Thanks for the responses!
It ended up I had to do the ctrl+N and then set the cylinder faces to solid rather than smooth! All good now thanks again!