problem with wierd material due to radiosity

i’ve been working on an old project recently, and i’m still using the super old radiosity stuff of blender 2.49 (moving to 2.5 soon :smiley: ) so i have a uv mapped model that normally works fine with normal lamps and stuff, but when put under a material emitting a light, it looks all artifactfull and wierd, as illustrated here:

puhleeze help, i wouldn’t want to continue the project with an artifactfull dude ruining the grace and perfection of tha surrounding environment :spin:

can anyone puhleeze help me puuuuhhhleezze.

this really stinks, if i really dont have any help i guess i’ll just have to live with the very obvious artifacts :*(

i think i’ll just bang my head against a wall until i get help in some form of reply >.<

i wonder how many times i will bump this thread before i get an answer, and i hope it’s the correct one cuz my project is going behind my intended schedule

i’m dying here, i know the view count is busted so some ppl shud have seen this, i just really need an answer PLZZZZZZZ

dagnabbit this is annoying

i really hope this thread doesn’t get locked bcus i’m bumping it so many times. honestly, i’m waiting a few days if anyone responds and i check that it’s not on the first page, but no one responds, so i have to bump it :frowning:

The reason no one responds is because there’s no solution. :wink:

3d often involves faking.
You should be able to get by with AO, and maybe some lamps for color bleeding.

Radiosity in blender is pretty much a hopeless cause.

yay radiosity sux!!! no solution!!! i cant use AO cuz it doesnt fit the scene!!! this sux!!! but im in a good mood cuz i have an answer!!!

ok really, thanks 4 the answer bro :slight_smile: i knew radiosity suhked but i didnt wanna restart the project with global illumination :frowning: buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut ill deal with it and maybe ill poke some fun at it in my movie.