Problem with Windows XP

I’m sure I saw solutions to common installation problems somewhere, but can’t seem to find them at the moment. The PCs at my workplace have been re-imaged recently, and Blender no longer works. Dell desktops, running Windows XP. I’ve installed the zip version as I don’t have admin rights, and only use Blender occasionally there to demonstrate 3D software to interested colleagues and students (I teach comp sci courses).

Now Blender crashes if I delete the default cube or add a mesh, with an Access violation at 0x000000000000, although I can edit or render the default cube without problems. This computer has Visual studio 2005 installed (with Visual C++) so I don’t know if the problem lies in that direction - not sure if that update mentioned on the download page is an issue.


9 times out of 10 unexplained crashes such as this are generally down to the graphics card drivers. As the machines in question have just been relaoded I’d suggest making sure the graphics card drivers are updated to the latest available as the chances are the XP image used has out of date drivers included.

Another possibility is the OpenGL settings of the card. I had the exact same problem (crashing when deleting the cube in edit mode) ages ago which was down to a bug in the OpenGL of Nvidia’s Quadro range of cards. It was solved it by changing back to the default OpenGL profile in Nvidia’s Control Panel.

Either way, I’m sure it’ll be down to the graphics card/drivers.