Problem with XBOX controllers

Hey, i created a little game using two XBOX 360 controllers. In the joystick sensor settings i changed the index values to 0 and 1 for the different controllers. For the sensors triggered by axis input it works fine but the joystick sensors set to button cause a little problem: They are triggered only when the concerned button is pressed on both controllers at the same time. (even if the sensor only exists for one controller, for example only player 1 can open the game menu by pressing ‘start’. It is not possible unless i press ‘start’ on both controllers)

EDIT: It seems to be a bug in Blender 2.74. I got it working in build 2.72. :slight_smile:

Sounds like you have an And controller connected to the sensors rather than an Or controller.

Guessing is all that can be done without more detail or a demo blend file, though.

I guess the problem is not how i set up my logic bricks:/ I did a little further testing: I set up a sensor with index=0 and button=10 (A-Button on my XBOX 360-Controller). I turns out the sensor triggers positive only when the A-Button on Controller 1 and at the same time another Button (including A) on Controller 2 is pressed.

In the attached testscene the issue occures too. I use 2 XBOX 360-Controllers wit up to date drivers. Blender Version is 2.74 on Windows 7.

Testscene.blend (452 KB)

Can you help me write an xbox 360 controller script for camera movement with the right thumbstick In BGE