Problem with Yafray and Textures

I have a problem with applying a texture in Yafray. I’m kind of a noobie so I was modeling a pawn, from GreyBeard’s subsurf tutorial and decided to have some fun and texture it. I fired up Wood Workshop and created a quickie wood image and loaded it onto the pawn. I rendered it with Blender Internal and it came out fine, but when I rendered it with Yafray it came out gray and there was no sign of the texture.

Thanks for the help,

Hi, Duke, your question is aswered just below, in “Similar threads”.
Could be a normals issue > recalculate outside
I don’t know for sure but don’t use PNG format for textures. Yafray doesn’t like them.

hehe, thanks. yeah, I felt really bad about posting a thread and finding out after 5 seconds that there are several others just like it. :o