Problem with Yafray on Linux

I installed Blender andYafray on a Linux station.
But when rendering here is what I get:

Incorrectly built binary which accesses errno or h_errno directly. Needs to be fixed.
Starting YafRay …
Loading grammar …
Starting parser …
Parsing OK

Loading plugins …
[Warning]: Unknown shader type blendershader
[Error]: undefined shader MAMaterial object ignored
[WARNING]:Unused param cast_shadows in light
[WARNING]:Unused param color in light
[WARNING]:Unused param from in light
[WARNING]:Unused param glow_intensity in light
[WARNING]:Unused param glow_offset in light
[WARNING]:Unused param glow_type in light
[WARNING]:Unused param power in light
[Warning]: Wrong type for background constant
[Loader]: Added camera MAINCAM
Using a world resolution of 0.00114286 per unit
Rendering with 5 raydepth
2 anti-alias passes and 4 minimum samples per pass, 8 samples total.
[Warning]: Background world_background does not exist
Building bounding tree … OK
Light setup …
Setting up lights …
Finished setting up lights

Launching 1 threads

Render pass: [#############]
Saving Targa file as /home/toto/Yafray/YBtest.tga

With a black render screen …

I searched the solution on the forum.
It seems that it comes from that Yafray doesn’t find the libraries.
I installed Yafray with scons with the option prefix=/home/toto/… because I’m not root on this workstation. Then I added in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable the directory /home/toto…/yafray/lib. It seems that Yafray ignores that variable.

So, is there anybody who had this problem and fixed it ? or has someone managed to install Yafray on Linux even not being root ?

Thanks in advance !