Problem with yafray Rendering on Notebooks


i have the problem, that every time i try to start a rendering with the integrated yafray, blender is closed by windows.
then the dialogue with “send” or “not send” the information to microsoft appears…
i have a new dell inspiron 9400 (7800 go, 1gb ram, core duo 1,66).
i have the same problem with my girlfriends notebook…(amd sempron, .5gb ram, shared memory graphic)

please help me and excuse my bad english…
i really need it for school (architectural renderings…) so it MUST work

you could try disabling the xml button, or you could give more information about the problem

when the xml button is enabled, yafray only renders black . if i disable it, then blender goes down.
blender internal renders normally.

You should check out the console…does Yafray even load something? Or does it crash right away?

Do you use the latest version of Yafray? Have you tried reinstalling?
And since Yafray seems to work with the xml button enabled…you could take a look at the xml file that is written to the specified YFexport path and see if there’s actually something exported or not.

On my iBook, i can only use YAFRay for very easy renders or else it locks up.