Problem with Z map and alpha textures

Hi There !

I got some problems exporting a clean depth map of an object with alpha textures.
First I got some a white outline around the alpha textures. (and u subtle black one around the same alpha textures in the main render)
Also I’m using the mist method, as the standard depth map is heavily aliased (how is it even usable in post processing ?) and yet it’s still aliased a bit too :frowning:
i’m using cycles.

here is the z-map and the render

the alpha is a luma map I generated from the alpha png of the petal using photoshop (method I use with other 3D programs without problem usually) and luma map linked to the alpha pin of the principaled node.

does anybody know where this problem or glitch comes from ? what can I try to resolve it ?

thanks for your help :slight_smile: