Problem with ztransp/raytransp - zbuffer and defocus node


hopefully someone can help me.

I am trying to render something with the defocus node,
but sadly all my wisdom has come to an end.

I think my problems are best described by this picture:

Obviously what i would like to have would be the ztransp render with the zbuffer from the raytransp one.
I know that I could render both versions and take the apropiate passes to achieve this.
But wouldn`t it be nicer to have that in just one render?

And here the texture settings for the image that controls the alpha:

For anyone who would be kind enough to take a closer look.
Here is the blend:

And thank you in advance for having a look.


Ok no one seems to have a solution for this one.
For those who are interested, i just redid the leafs in a way that i donĀ“t need any transperency.
So now it is working.

Here is a little testanim i did for testing purposes.
Obviously i have put to much glow into it.

i like the glow. it gives it a very artistic surrealistic feel. looks very nice!