problem zooming in inside geometry

Hi guys,

I am having a problem with Blender since I started using it: when I have a solid object (for example a cube) I cannot zoom in inside the geometry; when I zoom in, after the zoom reaches the surface it continues zooming in into the surface, but it never penetrates it; I can never navigate inside the geometry.

The only way to see inside the geometry is placing the camera inside and select the camera view; but that is rather limiting for I cannot get any other angle of the interior of my geometry than the camera angle; and besides it would be handy to be able to zoom in into the geometry before I set any camera; even to navigate to the adequate view and then set camera to view.This problem happens equally in object and edit mode.

Please note that my problem is not that the zoom cannot get any further, but rather that I cannot navigate inside of any closed solid (like a cube). While it might seem a weird need, this scenario quite common, particularly in architectural design, where you often start with a box and the scene happens inside the it.

I know this is possible for I see all the time in tutorials as a thing so basic that- unfortunately- no explanation is required.

Can anybody help?



You can zoom inside of an object if you use Perspective Mode instead of Orthographic Mode. You can toggle between the two with Numpad_5.

Hi RichardW,

This is exactly the solution. Thanks a million for the information.

Thanks a million.



Try flying your view with <shift+F> and then just scroll your mouse to move forward or backward and move your cursor to turn. It’s not the easiest way to do it, but it’s a great thing to know :smiley: