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I’m going to distribute my game (roller) on a place like I have set up a installation file which installs my game and blender into a folder on the person’s desktop, like c:\program files\roller
There’s a bat file in c:\program files\roller and the roller2.blend, blender.exe, and python20.dll in c:\program files\roller\data. My batch file does this:

cd data
blender.exe -W -F roller2.blend

Now after I run the install program it puts a shortcut in start–programs–roller. When I run the shortcut i get an illegal operation and when I run it from the roller directory it runs fine. So basically it works when I run the batch file directly, but not when I use a shortcut. What should i do?


(S_W) #2

I tried to use a shortcut to a .bat file and it works fine… :-?

(z3r0 d) #3

put a line that navagates to the directory containing the blend file before calling blender in the batch file.

I think I ended up with something like this:

cd C:\Nick's\blender
C:\Progra~1\Blender\blender -W -F someFile.blend

I don’t know. Maybe that is what that “cd data” was for…

maybe the batch file needs some extra info (is it stored in a pid file?), right click the file, and choose properties, and see if there is a target directory or something there…

(saluk) #4

Just so you know, the -F in your batch file isn’t needed. Don’t know why that makes the shortcut not work. Maybe you moved the batch file after making the shortcut and didn’t realize it? I don’t know…

(joecool) #5

whoa. Where did you learn to make it possible to install?

(Pooba) #6

It seems to work randomly acually. Sometimes it works, and others it doesn’t.

Joecool, I made an install program called setup2go and I included my blend file, blender, python.dll, copyright.txt, and readme.txt. cd data goes from the current directory to the directory called data in my folder. THen i do the full screen thing, and tada! It works.

You can find my install thingy here

Tell me if it works on your computer.


(joecool) #7

wow awesome. It works great. I’m downloading setup2go