could anybody please take a look a this? i’ll say it again…blender is very weird or am i making something wrong??? anyway look: why my characters shrink???(spelling? :smiley: ) just press “p key” and watch.

there not shrinking here… I dont see any IPO’s set at all. and apparently no Logic setup eithor… so the only thing i can think of is… something very wrong at your end…

try a manic reinstalling of everything on, and ocasional kicking of your computer :stuck_out_tongue:

i think that the problem is that the childs of the armatures dont have groups assigned on them

what do you mean?please explain. :smiley:

It looks like an Armature prob… Did u use IK Solver and Nulls, If you dont the armatures will automatically deform…


but,i’ve done this before without IK solver or nulls without problems.this is the first time this happens to me.then i place the parts of the body(legs,arms etc.) in one place then(when i press the “p key”) they move to another place like they were floating or something.very weird. :frowning:

ah! what the heck…i just joined the meshes togheter.i’ll see what i can do to animate them that way.thanx for your help guys. :smiley:

now the problem is even worst…when i make a new project and resize objects,the same thing happens! i resize the object and when i press the “p key” the object shrinks to the normal size!!! it seems that i can’t resize objects on blender anymore! :frowning: what’s wrong??? please anybody help me! :frowning:

Press ctrl-A to fix scaling?

I don’t know, sounds really screwed up over there.

ok,what i did was uninstall blender and re-install it kinda works.thanx.