I have a little problem.When I play a sound with the 3dsound button on , the sound is extreemly quiet.Whats the problem.I turned the volume to max and it still is so quiet,and scaled the zone in which the sound can be heard to max too- still the same , no difference.I am just a few steps away of finishing my first game,but i want it with 3dsounds.

i think your just too far away from the object which is emitting the sound. if you get closer to it, the sound should become louder.

Youre right,but im just a little !!!,little!!! bit away from where the sound comes.Then this means that its the max distance in which the sounds play in blender :frowning: (that SUCKS).Do walls absorb the sounds in blender,because i have objects that cover the one that plays the sound,maybe thats the problem.

There is a slider that lets you adjust the “carrying” quality of a 3D sound. The closer it is set to 0, the further away you can hear it. (If it is set to 0, you hear it at normal value wherever you stand.)

Fixed it!!! Thanx guys :smiley: !!!