(Dark Prince) #1

I’m trying out the Blender tutorial on the documentation parts. However, when I get the part where you have to skin Gus, everything goes downhill from there. I have the armatures set in place and go to make them a parent. However, it doesn’t seem to work right for me. I don’t know what the problem is because when I go to do the vertex groups thing, nothing happens. All I get is to make the armatures parent, and then thats it. I don’t get anything else after that. Can anyone help me?

(Fligh) #2

The problem is the order in which you select the objects. It should be Mesh first and then the Armature with Shft-RightMouseButton. This makes the Armature the Active Object and gives you a parenting menu with choices.


(Dark Prince) #3

Well, now I realize what you mean, and i went to do that, however, I get this error message that says

Error: Loop in parents

 How do I fix that?

(Fligh) #4

Select both first one way round and then the other and hit Alt-P to cancel the parent relationship (which is shown by a dotted line between the 2 object centers). If it’s gone in the first combo no need for the second. And choose the “Clear Parent” option, ignore the other 2.


(Dark Prince) #5

Thanks for your help. I went back and fixed it and everything works fine. I was able to get the animation to work! :slight_smile: Thanks.