Problematic armatures, mesh and rigging

My problem is the following: I have one character converted from the game that has one armature for hands and head and another for clothes. I want to get rid of ine armature and I want one armature to move whole body, practically to transfer the clothes to the hand and head’s armature so I can have one completely moving model. First I went to modifiers and chose the first (head and hands’ armature) for clothes. Then I cleared parents and kept transformation for clothes. Then I selected the clothes, pressed shift and selected the armature and then I pressed ctrl+p → object. Didn’t work. And it worked before on some other models. After this process, I can move just clothes with first armature, hands and head remain static. Then I went to weight paint to remove empty vertices, but they all seemed important. In the end I figured out that the model is not rigged. But, when I try with automatic weights, when I move the model the mesh is tearing apart. Also tried weight painting, the model remained static. Could anyone help please? I’ve been struggling with this for a while. Thanks in advance.

The best way to get help around here is to post up the .blend file…

Sounds like you might have more than one issue, but the file would be needed to get help


Hello :slightly_smiling_face:
Select both armatures and merge them with pressing ctrl_J.