probleme with texture mapping

Hey, Guys, I have a problem with my project.
I m modeling a cycle s wheel and i want to have stickers as you can see on the screenshot.
The thing is that the texture applied repeats itself, but the size is perfect. I don t find a way to have only one sticker.
I tried everything i could find online without success, I tried Attribute and other stuff.
I need Help to solve this problem.
Thank you.:slight_smile:

add a mapping node and set scale to 1 !


I tried mapping but i seems to be worse it duplicate it always more and more

did you ctlr A the object?

also try to play with min it may work!

if not try to upload the file so we can look at it
packed the files too


Nothing works,here is the file (550 KB)

is it circle.039 object ?

image was not pack
can you upload it here !

i’ll remove most of the stuff and reload after

one note here

normally on subsurf you don’t work higher then 2
i can see you set it at 3 which might work when you have a big video card
but i don’t and file is very sluggish!


just saw that your UV is way too big
it should not extend over the grid inside the UV editor !

upload images and i’ll re scale UV in UV editor!


why do you have like 2 threads for the tire ?


depends also on the tire image for unwrapping

i used here a sort of carbon fiber black and white
but use your own if you want
i re scale the UV map and size it down with uwrap reset
but depends what image looks like

check the file here
Bike_Wheel3.blend (667 KB)

need to unpack image first then try to render it and see how it looks


I divided the tire in two part so that the text and the side wont be distorted.
Here is the File(more organized) and Image two images. (913 KB)

stil need to re size UV scale in UV editor way too big
has to be inside the grid !

and why are the image so large

you could crop these

are these alpha images ?

i assume the text woudl be located on the tire’s side

not certain what the rounded image one is for ?

why did you add same texture to the rim
this should be only chrome rim may be?

also for tire do you nee some threads
or just a flat rubber surface
which does not require mapping just a procedural material!

and is this for a low poly model
your wheel seems to have very little segment!
i would have gone with dont’ know around 32 or more segments !


You suggest that i should resize the image of the sticker that i want to have on the rim? the image are large cause i want to have the best quality. Their is two texts one (the white one with the alpha map) and the other one which is black with the recycling logos are for the lower part of the tire. I happy with the threads on the tire. I compensate the small amount of segments by high subsurf modifier.

well as i said don’t subsurf over level 2
it can help to make it rounder but that will increase verts count a lot or apply it!
so i would suggest better use a circle wtih 32 or 48 segments
it will be way faster!

Eppo did it one way using your super big image

but most of the area does not give anything to the quality
so you can reduce the image and use only the part required!


Thank you very much for your help