Problems animating a fluid.

I have a model which comprises a fine wire drum to filter sand and soil.

This mesh has a spiral structure within it so that when the drum rotates, the spiral pushes the material towards the end so that the oversize particles drop out of it into an oversize chute.

This is fed by a pipe which has holes drilled in the bottom and the material drops into the drum from this. I haven’t bothered to model the holes in the pipe, so for the purpose of the animation, I have 6 spheres defined as fluid inflow objects which are located within the pipe and which drop fluid through the pipe into the drum.

How do I adjust the material size so that it’s a lot smaller. At the moment the material is far too big.

How do I make sure that the material doesn’t ride up with the rotating drum (gravity would prevent it from riding more that a third of the way up).


Like your screenshots, the fluid has a very low resolution leading to all fine detail being lost.

Yes, that’s obvious.

How do I increase the resolution?

The screenshots are just intended to give an idea of what’s going on, but I can increase the resolution on those if it helps.

You can increase the resolution by increasing the “final” number. (In domain properties )

To see it in the viewport you have to switch the “preview” tab to “Final” (In domain properties )

In your screenshot it is on “preview” and then you wil not see all the fine detail in the viewport.

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Just a tip: If your fluid thing does not work out, you could consider the molecular add on.

Happy Blending


Happy Blending


I’ve cranked up the final parameter to 200; says it needs almost a Gig of RAM and the baking process is proceeding VERY slowly.

What is the “molecular add on”?


I’m not looking for any particular effect, but I need to show material dropping into the drum from the feed pipe and being rolled towards the rejects chute.

I’d also want to show filtered material falling through the drum’s mesh into the fines chute, if that’s possible. Otherwise I’ll set up a fliud source underneath the drum to fake it.

It doesn’t need to be particularly realistic.

I’m working on a similar animation. I’m using particle fluids and the cube surfer addon (free) from PyroEvil. So far, so good.

What settings are you using for your fluid?

I’ve set final to 200.

After 48 hours of baking, my fluid stays where it is and doesn’t move.