Problems baking AO for indoor environment

Hello, Im really new at Blender, and now Im using it to Model, texture, and bake maps, for games.

My problem is with the Ambient Occlusion map, I have a CLOSED room, Floor and roof and 4 walls, all closed.
And several things into that room, such as lamps, a bed, a tv, etc. So when I try to bake the textures of the room (floor
walls and roof) the textures are all Black.

Is there anyway to bake AO for an indoor environment?

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

For the interior, delete the ceiling/roof or make it a separate object and make it non renderable (camera icon in outliner window) when you bake the AO

Thanks man, now is starting to show up, but its just too dark, I think I should make environment light stronger right?

Is there any way to bake AO on the roof? so the edges doesnt look so sharp and UNshadowy.

Yeah, what he said. It’s called ambient “OCCLUSION” - Occlusion is either the act of blocking something or a specific blockage. There can be occlusions blocking the street or your arteries. When dentists say occlusion, they’re talking about what your teeth look like when your mouth is closed.

Use it in a sentence: You just occluded the entire interior of your room when you left no windows or doors open, therefore your image textures baked entirely to black.