problems beveling imported curve

Hm - can’t seem to apply a bevel-object to an imported bezier-curve. The name of the bevel-object appears in the curve’s “BevOb-field” yet it does not have any effect. When I create a similar curve in blender everything works cool. Only the imported curve (from adobe illustrator) fails. Why? It is nothing but an ordinary bezier-curve …

hoping: Ulli

It is hard to say without seeing the BLEND file. But a good test I use for imported curve is if they can extrude. Does your curve extrude ok if you up the extrude value? If it does not, you may have an open curve (put curve in edit mode and press C-KEY to toggle open and closed state of curve)

Also, you may already be aware, the BevOB field is case sensitive and will reject objects that do not meet the criteria. (i.e. like trying to use a mesh instead of a curve). So I would ask you, when you type the name into the BevOB field, does it “stay” or is the name rejected and you end up with a blank BevOb field?

Thanks, Atom.
Yes, the imported curve is an open curve - that’s why it can’t be extruded. But this is the way I want it to be. Problem is, it cannot be beveled by a bevel-object. The bevel-object is a closed curve that works fine on non imported curves. Only the imported curve does not show any bevel effect.
And, yes, the name of the bevel-object remains in the BevOb field although it does not work.
I have attached a file: you can see both an imported curve and a created one. Both are linked to the same bevel-object (“diameter”). The beveling works fine on the created curve yet has no effect on the imported one.

Did I miss an important step or is this a bug?

hoping: Ulli


curvetrouble.blend (123 KB)

I looked at your file, and yes, it is broken. My guess is the AI import routine made bad curve data.

Personally I have never had any luck importing AI curve. What I do, assumes you have Illustrator available, is to open the AI file and then do a SaveAs SVG from Illustrator. The SVG importer for Blender is fairly reliable.

Another work around (if you don’t have illustrator) I just tried with your file is to select the bad curve. Export it as DXF, then re-import it as DXF. When you bring it back in to Blender via the DXF importer, make sure to click the config button and change the dialog settings to import the data as a curve instead of a mesh.

Yea, thatzit! You made my day! The SVG-solution has done the job - everything works fine, now. Besides: the svg file is 50 times smaller than the ai-file although it contains nothing but the very same curve. Seems to be a handy format. Thanks, Atom!