Problems BGE + Python

i’m using this tutorial
but when I do all it says it rotates like a hell when I once press a button (it does go forward and backward but because of rotation it goes wrong!) Heres my blender file

Turn off rigged body. Rigged body turns on rolling physics, which makes your object roll like a ball. When turned off it will move perfect. :slight_smile:

EDIT* quoted wrong guy.

You didn’t copy the code right. It’s not “=-” it’s “= -variable”, there is a space between the = sign and “-variable”. Type the code exactly as I have it there.

You can start putting in your own custom stuff after you get mine up and running.

Aah forgot to mention that as well, but yes Rigged body has to be turned off to not let your character roll around like a ball. It still does afther fixing the -= with = - :slight_smile:

Yea, I keep forgetting that he went with his own scene, instead of following tutorial directions.

Thanks for your input JD, I appreciate it.

thanks all! :stuck_out_tongue: