Problems connecting new bone at root existing bone


I’ve been looking for hours on google without success.

Basicaly, the docs on say you should be able to EKEY extrude a bone off the root of an existing bone. Normally you extrude off the tip of an existing bone so this behaves like they were all linked-up.

Now, when you create a bone off the root of an existing bone Blender does not automatically connect this bone to the existing bone. and others say you use ‘Armature Bones’ panel in the ‘Editing’ section (F9) to make the new bone a ‘Child of’ existing bone using ‘Child of’ pop-up menu just right of the Selected bones name but when i try this trick the bone i want my bone to be the ‘child-of’ never comes up.

Is this a flaw or Blender? I saw that it says only ‘valid’ parents are populated in the ‘child of’ pop-up menu but i only ever get one bone and this is usually highly irrelevant to the bones i want to link-up.

Basically i know they are ‘connected’ by doing EKEY extrude because there’s a dashed-line the links the bones but i want to animate my character fully using the ‘Pose’ mode and this obviously is not ‘connected’ enough for me to do so.

Also I tried CTRL-P to ‘parent’ the old bone but that moves the new bone to the tip of the old bone - not what i want. I know there is an option to ‘maintain existing offset’ but this isn’t what i want either as the connection is not a full connection.

Basically the only way - and it seems poor to be honest - to work this is to make a sort of ‘grand-daddy’ bone for both bones and then making the old bone child of it. Then i can simply extrude my new bone of the grandparent instead which saves messing around, but it means i have to create a grand-parent bone so i’ve got another bone to worry about. Seems rather odd to have to do this.

Can anybody help me?


i got the same problem 2 weeks ago
and its doing it but you don’t see it
i think you have to close the file and then re-open it
then you check the new connections parent child

it works but there may be a little bu i think

make certain the name of the bones it exact and parented to the next one


Hi RickiBlender,

Basically look at this file:

I created a bone, and then tried to extrude a new bone off the root using EKEY in edit mode. Obviously i had the same problem as before that they are not connected but i tried using the ‘Armature Bone’ panel in Edit mode and set the first bone as the ‘parent’ and Blender let me this time, but… the new bone is still not ‘joined’ properly at the root of the old bone; try it yourself go into Object mode, select the lying-down bone and go into Edit mode, then go to the Editing section and see Armature Bones; see how it is linked to the standing bone and a dashed line shows this, as you described, and

Problem is i still can’t properly connect my new bone to the base of the old bone unless i use some cheat like a grand-daddy bone.

I’ve googled for hours.

Can anybody help me?