Problems Creating a Landscape Brush

Hi, I followed a tutorial to make a sculpt brush for Blender.

  • I added a Multiresolution Modifier and divided it 10X
  • created the brush image in Photoshop using (Filter > 3D > Generate Bump)
  • loaded the .png brush, RGB & (32 bit) image 2000 x 2000 px (The Brush image I used was a .png It wouldn’t let me upload the .png brush file so this is only a .jpg)

Problem: When I use the brush it appears pixelated. I’m not sure why. If someone has a suggestion I would appreciate it. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Look at the pixelation. No clear details. :frowning:

Look at the pixelation. No clear details. :frowning:

The Brush image I used was a .png It wouldn’t let me upload the .png brush file so this is only a .jpg

Its not your brush. Your faces use flat shading. Ensure You have “Shade Smooth” activated for your plane.

Ok, yes I forgot to enable that. Thanks. Looks better but still need to find a happy medium between smoothness and ridges. Any tips?

I like to use Nudge Brush with a stencil Texture for this purpose.

it would be interesting to know what other people do.
Please share your ideas. :slight_smile:

Interesting. So you load the image into the nudge brush? I might have to try that. :slight_smile:

Yes. Brush texture mapping set to Stencil (not View Plane).


Thanks. I watched a quick tutorial. I selected the "nudge’ brush then added my alpha, then move it into place and scaled it then they say to “Paint” on top to transfer it but I can’t figure out how to sculpt it onto the mesh?

Another Question. I want to sculpt on a square plane. So I cut the plane with edges, but when I added the “Multiresolution Modifier” it divided the edges more than The Center. What’s the best way to have even poly’s? Is dividing the plane evenly before adding the modifier the best way to fix this?

Just paint inside the stencil area.

The way nudge is used differs. Most brushes work vertically (~ normal direction).

Nudge/thumb/rotate work horizontally. You do not stamp a texture with them, you rather use your texture to smudge.

Nudge brush on sphere. Textures are procedural (Clouds and Musgrave)

Ok, thanks Leonard. I appreciate the tips. :slight_smile: