problems exporting obj as morph target from Blender to Poser

Hello, I have been trying to use an obj file that I have manipulated in Blender and and exported as an obj as a morph target in Poser. The problem is that when I select the Obj as a morph target for a particular bodypart in Poser, and move the morph target dial, it distorts the body part completely.

I have tried this without editing the obj file, simply importing it and exporting it as a different file name with Blender, which leads me to believe that there is something wrong with the formatting of the obj file. Can any help me?

I have the same problem. I read this tutorial on Renderosity but it doesn’t apply to blender. But it gave me some clues. I don’t think is blenders fault but Poser. Because Poser can import .obj files made in blender just fine but at the moment you try to make it a morph target it just doesn’t work. I’ve come to find that Poser is reallly, really, buggy.
Is great for instant results and for people who wants their models now but if you try to get technical like me is really frustrating.

Actually - it’s not the fault of Poser, sorry. I have used many different applications to change OBJ files and use them as morphs in Poser. As long as an application doesn’t (a) change the vertex origins or (b) re-order the vertices - it works fine.

What type of problems do you get? Is it that the morph moves the body part causing a “stretching effect” or is it that the body part just starts looking like a mess of polygons. The first implies a change of origin and the second implies a re-ordering of vertices.

When I apply the morph with the dial the part of the figure gets all wrinkled and then it looks like it explodes completely. Don’t know why.

doesn’t (a) change the vertex origins or (b) re-order the vertices - it works fine.

Can you explain further about this? All I have done move the vertices in Blender. I know you shouldn’t delete any vertices. But how are you suppose to modify them to apply the morph. :frowning: :x :frowning: :x


uv mapper pro can reorder the vertices.

but it’s 50$

if u delete vertices, there will be a problem.Must have same vertex order, same vertex count.

Could it also be the scale?

Ill try to do some experimenting with this tonight or tomorrow and see what I come up with.

I know Blender does not currently have Real World Units. Just Blender Units which are farely arbitrary.

Wings had this issue also until you adjusted the import/export scale for OBJs

You could also try the free version - UV Mapper “CLASSIC” (back online now after being bitten with that PHP virus).

A lot of output is apparently cleaned up nicely after being loaded and resaved with UVmapper. Let us know!

You are probably right, I guess making a modification to the .obj exporter python script might be the solution. I’ll check that out. But the funny thing is that when you import the morph target back to poser it looks just fine, it’s only when you apply the morph that it looks funny.

EDIT 01/08

AHHHH, the magic of reading. Thanks for all your help, I’ve found a new script modyfied specifically for blender 2.36 and poser obj at this link.

Thanks :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: